Relationship Astrology Reports

Relationship Astrology Reports

These written reports are great for the basics that give a general overview perspective.  

You will receive both the Romantic Compatibility report & the Relationship Astrology report.

Romantic Compatibility Analysis Report

Are We a Good Match?

Compares the charts of two individuals using the synastry, or inter-aspects approach.

 Includes a colorful bi-wheel chart with complete interpretations.

What is it about them that captivates you so profoundly? 

Why do they bring joy and laughter unlike anyone else?

 Is there a potential for a lasting bond?

 How can you both support each other's personal growth?

Whether embarking on a fresh romance or nurturing a lifelong partnership, the celestial alignment illuminates the path towards a profound comprehension of yourself, your beloved, and your relationship.

 Relationship Astrology Report using the Composite Chart

Do We Have Long Term Potential?

Looks at the Astrology of the Relationship as a unique combined energy report.   

The Relationship Report uses the composite chart methodology to delve into the relationship analysis as a fusion of two individuals, in contrast to the Compatibility Report, which focuses on the influence of one person on the other.

Through your Relationship Report, you will discover the distinct strengths and vulnerabilities within your relationship. Gain insights into the mechanics and dynamics of your connection, identify areas for personal growth, navigate potential pitfalls, and learn how to provide optimal support to one another.

Please provide complete birth information including birth time, place, and date for both people and email to me.  

Please allow 48 hours for delivery to your email.

Included in each report:

2 Reports

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