EFT Tapping Single 1:1 Session

EFT Tapping Single 1:1 Session

Emotional Freedom Technique tapping sessions have the main goal to assess pain in any form, primarily emotional but, including physical as there is often an emotional connection or expression, with the intention to lower stress through a process of tapping- on energy meridian points that when tapped lower stress levels.

This process then opens up the clients' own awareness and insights allowing the client to find resolutions. It also aids in helping the client get aligned with their authentic self-expression and dissolve limiting beliefs.

This is honed in using positive, high frequency affirmations, as well as energy healing flower essences and essential oils ( not included in the price of service), and binaural beats focusing on all the body's senses. 

This process has been empirically tested and studied for effectiveness for a multitude of issues like PTSD, depression, and other physical aliments as well as emotional concerns.

Technique is most effective with at least 6 sessions and each session last about one hour, but even one session has been known to be effective.

Coaching packages are available and include other personality assessment tools that give more insights into current life issues.
You can read more details in the service details description section.  

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