Integration Coaching 12 Week Sessions

Integration Coaching 12 Week Sessions

Tailor-Made Coaching:

A client directed approach involves addressing current subject matter and topics most relevant to client at this time in life.

Current Astrological transits are often influencing the experiences and may be causing disruptions, so referring to the current transits or to the current location of planetary energies, can often help bring a lot of clarity to a present issue.

This adds a valuable aspect to effective coaching using not only the birth charts, but also considering and exploring the current transits.

No topic is off limits. Are you feeling stuck in life, dissatisfied with your career or relationships, and unsure of who you truly are?

If you're seeking practical guidance and transformative change, consider tailor-made Integration Coaching.

With the EFT Tapping, Psychosynthesis Exercises, and insights from your astrological chart, I will serve as your compassionate guide on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Together, we will reframe limiting stories and unlock the limitless possibilities that lie within your grasp.

What you will receive:

  1. Personalized Integration Coaching: Benefit from the expertise of a certified EFT Tapping Level 3 Practitioner trained in the school of Karen Curry Parker, offering individualized coaching tailored to your unique needs.
  2. 10 Transformational Sessions: Experience a series of sessions designed to assess your emotional stress levels, decrease stress, and explore goals and resiliency keys using the QAS tapping format. Each session provides valuable insights and to help identify and overcome blocks. Sessions can be every other week or spread out over a period of time based on your need.
  3. Tapping and Affirmations: You will receive written affirmations in PDF format, summarizing the session, and guiding you in practicing Psychosynthesis exercises as homework.
  4. 90 Minute Pre-recorded video combo Astrology and Human Design chart reading.
  5. Energetic Support: Gain recommendations for essential oils and flower essences that align with the energetic vibrations addressed in the session (products not included). 
  6. Additionally, receive recorded binaural beats music to listen to as homework, helping you refine your energetic framework.
  7. Resiliency Keys: Explore vital aspects of emotional well-being, including Lovability, Empowerment, Courage, Decisiveness, Emotional Wisdom, Self-Trust, Vitality, Authenticity, and Self-Worth. Develop these resiliency keys for lasting change.
  8. Comprehensive Support: Enjoy a holistic approach to change, with tools and recommendations to develop new behaviors and replace old patterns. This comprehensive support system ensures you have the necessary resources to embrace your transformation fully.

Why Choose Coaching?

  • Gain deep insights about what has been blocking you and discover your next steps.
  • Build confidence in your ability to find answers within yourself and through higher guidance.
  • Recognize the purpose and value in all your life experiences, empowering you to shape the trajectory of your life.
  • Acquire practical tools for self-empowerment and resilience, allowing you to face life's challenges with grace and ease.
  • Embark on this life-transforming journey with me as your guide. 
  • Together, we will navigate through the darkness, uncovering the clarity and purpose that await you. 
  • Let's unlock your limitless potential and create the life you never dreamed possible.

Package is for 10 sessions one hour each personal coaching and 2 sessions includes a birth chart reading and Q&A for a total of 12 sessions. 

1. Receive 10 Sessions 60 minutes each using the Emotional Freedom Technique tapping which combines EFT Tapping with a Human Design Chart/ Astrological Chart focus.

2. Includes a 90 minute pre-recorded combo Astrology & Human Design chart reading.

3. Receive a pre-consultation email questionnaire and opportunity to indicate questions, or concerns you would like addressed.

4. Please email full birth data to include date of birth, time, and location. To get the best reading this information is required.

5. Sessions can be recorded or receive a transcript.

6. Supporting homework consisting of:

  • psychosynthesis exercises using creative visualization,
  • flower essences, and essential oils, (not included in price).
  • sound healing with binaural beats, and
  • affirmations specifically targeting present issues

All designed to support the true self and enhance positive new habits and behavioral patterns.

Please email to set up a phone appointment for a clarity call and to discuss how this program can work for you.  

Space is limited and I only accept a few clients per month. 

After booking, please scroll down to purchase.

12 Weeks Coaching Package

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