Individual Astrology Reports

Individual Astrology Reports

These written reports are an excellent beginning, foundational level approach to the highly specialized and technical language of the stars.  

These reports give you the information you need for self-knolwedge with beautiful, easy to understand descriptions.

In the Your Essential Qualities birth chart report, you will receive a colorful birth chart, a description of the zodiac signs, planetary positions, and aspects.

A special feature with this report is that you will also get a description of important features in your unique chart and chart patterns are explained as well.

You will receive both a birth chart report and a solar return report for the listed price.  

1. Your Essential Qualities Birth Chart Written Report

Unveil the secrets of your unique identity and uncover the person you were destined to be from the moment you entered this world. 

Gain insights into the strengths that shape your character and learn about the specific challenges you may encounter in your life's journey. Look to the celestial skies for answers and unlock a deeper understanding of yourself through this transformative report.

2. Solar Return Written Report

A Solar Return chart is an astrology chart calculated precisely when the Sun returns to its original position at the time of your birth. 

This technique holds significant influence in understanding the themes and challenges that will emerge throughout your solar year, spanning from one birthday to the next.

 Often, the momentous occasion of your birthday signifies the dawn of a new phase in life, and the Solar Return chart aids in exploring this fresh perspective and the potential experiences for the upcoming year.

The comprehensive delineations provided in this report offer accurate insights and well-crafted narratives, granting you valuable insights into the ongoing or upcoming year. Similar to the concept of Saturn Return occurring every thirty years, Your Solar Return report provides specific details about events and spiritual growth for the year ahead. 

When booking, please provide complete birth information including birth time, place, and date to my email.

  Please allow 48 hours for delivery to your email.

Included in each report:

  • A beautiful color birth chart and Solar Return chart
  • 45+ pages per report of text describing planetary positions by house and sign
  • Planetary aspects and chart patterns are also noted and delineated
  •  Interpretations are written by Astrologer Henry Seltzer.
  • Price listed includes both the Natal Birth Chart Report & the current year Solar Return Astrology Report both for $45.00 and are available for purchase on the PURCHASE SERVICES tab.

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