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Barb Bright, the visionary behind Bright Insights, leads a coaching service dedicated to empowering clients on the profound journey towards authentic self-expression, emotional well-being, and relationship fulfillment.

Barb's coaching methodology revolves around the utilization of powerful self-knowledge and self-love tools and techniques, to help her clients get "unstuck" in pursuit of their life and relationship goals.

She received a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley in 1991. More recently, in 2023, she received certification as an Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping practitioner.   

 Barb has a profound interest in personal growth and development and has developed a desire to help others going through painful life challenges to find hope and self-empowerment through it all.  

From 2017-2020 Barb lead a support group for parents that were going through a high-conflict divorce and being alienated from their children. This was her experience as well when she was separated from her young son from 2015-2017.  

It was a very difficult time in her life, but she was fortunate to have generous support from a few others who were going through the ordeal themselves and this became her motivation for continuing her work with wanting to support others in her coaching practice.

 With a steadfast commitment to her mission, Barb aspires to assist her clients in finding inner peace, joy, and fulfillment as they strive to achieve their aspirations.

Her clients are taught how to advocate for their needs, recognize unhealthy toxic relationship patterns, and begin the journey of authentic self-expression.

Her unique approach merges the power of self-reflection, psycho-spiritual understanding, and, offers a comprehensive framework for individuals to gain clarity, navigate life's challenges, and unlock their true potential.


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